Bad Paul's
Stained Glass Information

All stained glass pieces offered on this site are handcrafted by myself. I do no resaling at all. Nothing here is imported from...anywhere. I may have some of the more popular items on hand but for the most part I craft the work as it's ordered. For that reason there is some room for color requests but it should be kept in mind that matching colors is seldom possible because of the nature of glass production and the fact that I can't possibly stock all of the glass colors available.
The time required to complete orders will vary depending on the items size and complexity, among other things. Also, I try to complete requests in the order they are received, however there are always exceptions so if time is a factor let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate.

I do very little commission work because for me the enjoyment in doing stained glass comes from designing and crafting what appeals to myself personally. Now, having said that, I am always open to new ideas and if someone requests something unique that appeals to me I may very well give it a go. When that happens I will craft the piece, assign it a price and offer it for sale. I may be able to "rough estimate" the work ahead of time but the final sale price will come upon completion. At that point if the person making the request is unsatisfied with the result or the price they may decline to purchase and the item will be offered for general sale on Bad Paul.

My primary technique for crafting stained glass is the copper foil method. In my opinion it offers greater flexibility in design and construction. It is also my philosophy to not use paints whenever it's avoidable. An exception to this is on facial features and eye highlights where more detail is required than can be accomplished in the usual manner. Every glass artisan has their own preferences and these are a couple of mine. Another is the use of glue or other adhesives for attaching pieces together. I prefer not to do that, even though in most cases it would be easier.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about my glass work.
If you have any questions about glass or my techniques please contact me by e-mail. I make an effort to answer all mail I receive and I don't give or sell e-mail addresses to anyone.

Bad Paul