Service Flag

The "Service Flag", also known as the "Blue Star Banner" or the "Son In Service Flag" was designed by World War I Captain Robert L. Quessner of the 5th Ohio Infantry as a symbol of a child in the service. It became much more widespread during World War II and evolved into a more general symbol of an immediate family member in the service.
There is also a tradition of covering the blue star with a smaller one of gold to denote the loss of a member.



These stained glass pieces are 7" x 10" and are handcrafted in the Tiffany tradition.
Hang one in your front window to display your pride in your serviceman or woman.
They also make wonderful gifts for friends or relatives with a family member serving in the
Armed Forces of the United States.

Shipping is $8.95 for the first flag and $3.95 for each additional piece ordered at the same time and
shipped to the same address.

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$49.95 plus $$10.95 shipping

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Made in the USA